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RSES Committees provide recommendations to the International Board of Directors which guide the overall direction of the Society. On a yearly basis, the President appoints members of either standing or special committees and staff contacts are designated by the Executive Vice President. See below for individual committee information.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee operates as a mini-board of the International Board of Directors. Its primary role is to manage the Society between meetings of the International Board of Directors, in accordance with guidelines and limitations set forth by the International Board of Directors. The committee shall implement directives and policies of the International Board of Directors, and make recommendations to the Board on matters that advance the interests and welfare of the Society and its members.

Executive Committee members include:

Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT, President
Jerry Clark, CM, Vice President
Gary Struhar, CMS, RCT, Secretary/Treasurer
Brynn Cooksey, CMS, RCT, Sergeant at Arms
Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


Awards and Exhibits Committee

The Awards and Exhibits Committee reviews and decides the recipients of awards presented at the Annual Conference and assists in the solicitation of exhibitors for the Technology Expo held in conjunction with the Annual Conference.

Awards and Exhibits Committee members include:

Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


Budget/Finance and Investment Committee

The Budget/Finance and Investment Committee supervises the Society budget, including funds, investments and fiscal assets of the Society.

Budget/Finance and Investment Committee members include:

Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT, Chairman
Jerry Clark, CM
Gary Struhar, CMS, RCT, 
Brynn Cooksey, CMS, RCT, Sergeant at Arms

Staff Contact: Eileen Lundin
Investments: Jason Clark (Edward Jones)


Bylaw Review and Revision/Policy and Procedure Committee

The Bylaw Review and Revision/Policy and Procedure Committee reviews suggested changes to the Society Bylaws and applicable resolutions from the previous Annual Conference in concert with the Executive Vice President and Society Counsel. In addition, the committee continuously monitors the Society’s Policy and Procedural Manual and suggests revisions and updates to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as necessary.

Bylaw Review and Revision/Policy and Procedure Committee members include:

Jerry Clark, CM, Chairman
Jayson Goff, CMS
Casey McConnaughy
Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


Educational and Examining Board

The Educational and Examining Board is responsible for: the development and maintenance of all Society education and training courses; all Society testing and testing administration; the issuance of educational/training-related certificates; and the International Seminar Program.

Educational and Examining Board members include:

Roger M. Hensley, CMS, RCT, Chairman
Ratib Baker, CMS, RCT
Michael Bergen
Larry Brewer, CM
Jayson Goff, CMS
Rich Hoke, CMS
Harlan “Skip” Krepcik, CMS, RCT
Steve Lemmon, CM
Joe Marchese, CMS, RCT
Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT
Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT
Ken Robinson, CMS, RCT
Richard Wirtz, CMS, RCT
Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


H.T. McDermott Memorial Fund Board and R.W. Kellow Center of Learning 

The H.T. McDermott Memorial Fund Board objectives are to develop and encourage leadership within RSES, and to advance chapter-level proficiency in the conduct of educational and business meetings. Through the R.W. Kellow Center of Learning bringing the classroom to the student is embraced through seminars and online HVACR training. In addition, the Board has sole governing powers over monies in the H.T. McDermott Memorial Fund and R.W. Kellow Center of Learning accounts.


H.T. McDermott Memorial Fund Board and R.W. Kellow Center of Learning members include: TBD
Staff Contact: Eileen Lundin

Industry Experts



Industry Relations Committee members include:

Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


Membership and Membership Benefits Committee

The Membership and Membership Benefits Committee continuously monitors and assesses the needs and wants of RSES members and potential members. The committee researches and reviews possible affinity benefit providers whose products and/or services may provide added value to RSES membership and makes recommendations of such to the full Board, as well as monitors all affinity benefit programs on an ongoing basis to assure continued relevance and value.

Membership and Membership Benefits Committee members include:

Gary Struhar, CMS, RCT, Chairman
Eric Kasier
Leon Suty
Ken Robinson, CMS, RCT
Staff Contacts: Brenden Lurie


New Director Mentors


New Director Mentors Committee members include:



Nominating Committee

The RSES Nominating Committee plays an instrumental role in the ongoing governance of the Society. Under the 2010 Amended & Restated Bylaws, the committee receives nominations for Regional Directors and recommends a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. At the Annual Business Meeting of members, the committee also interviews candidates for Officer positions, and similarly recommends a slate to the membership.

Nominating Committee members include:

Joe Marchese, CMS, RCT, Chairman
Tommy Paschal
Ron McCarthy, CM
Jim Malone, CM
Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


Resolutions Committee


RSES Auxiliary Liaison Committee

The RSES Auxiliary Liaison maintains a strong and consistent line of communication between RSES International and RSES Auxiliary activities.

RSES Auxiliary Liaison Committee members include:

Staff Contact: TBD


RSES Journal Technical Review Committee

The RSES Journal Technical Review Committee ensures the quality and accuracy of all technical articles. The committee consists of HVACR-industry experts whose knowledge represents many decades of experience.

RSES Journal Technical Review Committee members include:

Wesley Taylor, CMS, Chairman
William Artis, LEED AP BD&C
James Bowman
Raymond Clary, CMS
Brynn C. Cooksey, CMS, RCT
David G. Demma, CM
Chuck Otto, CM
Andy Schoen, CM
Jeffrey Smith, CMS
Staff Contact: Lori Schiavo


SkillsUSA Committee members include:

Michael Ralston, CM, Chairman
Rich Hoke, CMS
Staff Contact: Brenden Lurie


Marketing Committee members include:

Staff Contact: TBD



Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT


Past President's Committee members include:

Staff Contact: TBD

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RSES is the leading education, training and certification preparation organization for HVACR professionals. RSES publishes various comprehensive industry training and reference materials in addition to delivering superior educational programs designed to benefit HVACR professionals at every stage of their careers through instructor-led training courses, online training for HVAC, educational seminars, interactive CD and DVD products, industry-related reference manuals, and helpful technical content through Service Application Manual chapters, the RSES Journal, the RSES Journal archives and feature articles, as well as web-exclusive features.

Beginning with basic theory and extending to complex troubleshooting, training courses covering refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, electricity, controls, heat pumps and safety may be conducted in a classroom environment or though self study. RSES publications may be purchased by schools, contractors, manufacturers or any other industry group wanting to conduct comprehensive training programs. Seminars covering air conditioning troubleshooting, electrical troubleshooting, compressor training, condenser training, refrigerant piping practices, DDC controls, and more are held in various cities across North America.

Select training programs offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and NATE Continuing Education Hours (CEHs).

In addition, RSES offers industry certification preparation materials for refrigerant handling (EPA Section 608), R-410A and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) examinations.

RSES’ monthly magazine, RSES Journal, serves HVAC contractors, service technicians, students, operations/maintenance managers, engineers and technicians who work in the residential, light commercial, commercial and institutional markets on air conditioning, warm-air heating, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical, ice machines, chillers, hydronic heating, piping, refrigeration control and energy management, building automation, indoor air quality and duct cleaning, and sheet metal fabrication equipment and/or systems.
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