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Micro Thermo Refrigeration Controls

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Reported By: Nicholas Cress
Officer Title:
Defined Title:
City: St Cloud
State/Province: MN
Number In Attendance: 8
Meeting Date: 4/26/2019
Meeting Type: Both
Educational Program Subject: Micro Thermo Refrigeration Controls
Speaker Name: Rolf Blom
Company: Parker Sporlan

UMRA RSES 26 April 26, 2019 Meeting Notes



Toman, Michael 

Sam Cress CM

Todd Moeller CM

Mike Kempel CMS

David H. Olson CMS

Russell Lindback

Nick Cress CMS

Rolf Blom CMS


Meeting Minutes


Rolf Blom started meeting at 3:30PM


Nick Cress read previous meeting minutes from 4/17/2018

Motion to approve minutes as read made by Russ Lindback

Seconded by Sam Cress

Motion passes


Nick Cress read and discussed treasurer’s report 

Motion made to approve report as read by Mike Kempel

Seconded by Russ Lindback

Motion Passes


Old business


Discussion by David Olson on loss of $442.00 by 2015 Sioux Falls conference, 2016 posted a profit.

David Olson presented a check for $2234.39 from closing of Sioux Falls 2015 UMRA conference.

Rolf Blom made a motion to accept funds of $2234.39 from closing of 2015 and 2016 UMRA

Seconded by Sam Cress

Motion passes.


New business


David Olson brought up the discussion of updating the website due the contract lapsing.

Discussion was made about using the Facebook page instead since it is free

Motion made by Todd Moller to eliminate UMRA web page.

Seconded by Mike Kempel

Motion Passes


Rolf Blom initiated discussion of the future of UMRA. Discussion was made about what is a good time for the next convention and whether a single day or two day event is better such as a Friday only, Saturday only, or a two day event.

General consensus is that a single day event is better.

There was a discussion on the possibility of using membership surveys for polling.


Nick Cress made discussion about amending officer terms to 3 years.

Mike Kemple made a motion to continue with the same slate of officers as listed:

Rolf Blom as President

Sam Cress as Vice President

Russell Lindback as Treasurer

Michael Toman as Secretary

Second Vice president is open as Brian Metzger is unavailable

Sergeant at Arms is open due to no volunteers

Seconded by Nick Cress

Motion passes


Motion made by Rolf Blom to remove Sam Cress from signature card.

Seconded by Mike Kempel

Motion passes


Motion by Nick Cress to add Russ LIndback to signature card as the new treasurer 

Seconded by Rolf Blom

Motion passes.


Second reading of Proposed By-law change: Article V Section 2

Adjust UMRA Board to the following positions:

One year term: President, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, 

Three year term: Treasurer.


Motion to accept as read by Sam Cress

Seconded by Rolf Blom

Motion Passes


Second reading of Proposed by-law change : Mission Statement Section 3

Currently: To develop an environment that encourages participation in the development and decision making processes. This environment shall also create a sense of ownership     

within each member of this Society.

Change to: To encourage better service through knowledge, by providing education sessions, and opportunities for recognition to members of the HVAC and Refrigeration Industry


Motion made to accept as read by Russ Lindback

Seconded by Sam Cress

Motion passes


Second reading of proposed by-law change: Vision Statement Section 2

Currently: To be the definitive industry leader in all segments of the HVAC/R industry by providing superior educational training


Change to: To be a source of dignity and professionalism to the members of the HVAC/R industry

No motion made.

Item fails.


Motion to adjourn made by Nick Cress at 4:30PM

Seconded by Russ Lindback


Respectfully submitted by Toman, Michael B. 4/26/2019


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