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Annual business meeting
Chapter #: 04467
Chapter Name: Southwestern Virginia
Reported By: Jimmy Kroll
Officer Title: Secretary/Treasurer/Interim President
Defined Title:
City: Abingdon
State/Province: VA
Number In Attendance: 5
Meeting Date: 5/17/2022
Meeting Type: Business
Educational Program Subject: Annual business meeting
Speaker Name:
Minutes: The SW. VA. Chapter annual members business meeting was held in the Virginia Highlands Community College HVACR lab. Jim Kroll CMS led the discussion. He discussed 3 letters he has received from the IRS over the past 8 months, as the SW. VA. Chapter contact. The letters referenced the status of RSES as the parent organization, and mentioned chapter relationships as the subordinate under the parent organization. He has attempted multiple contacts for more information on the IRS letters, but the only response is that chapter contacts will be informed after a couple of Board meetings. The SW. VA. Chapter is current with the IRS ePostcard Form 990N filings. He passed around to everyone the April ECU chapter account statement, which was verified by Phil Barbrow and himself, chapter officers at the business meeting. He discussed the original guidelines for the account related to requiring 2 signatures on every check, expenditures from the account, and the most recent memorial donation for Mike Belcher CM, who was serving as the SW. VA. Chapter President at the time of his death. Members in attendance plan to resume the discussion of chapter plans and officer elections once more information is received from RSES HQ.
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