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71st Annual Business Meeting

Chapter #:
Chapter Name:
Reported By: James Bowman
Officer Title:
Defined Title:
City: Round Rock
State/Province: TX
Number In Attendance: 30
Meeting Date: 3/19/2022
Meeting Type: Business
Educational Program Subject: 71st Annual Business Meeting
Speaker Name:

The 71st Annual Business Meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM, Saturday April 17, 2021 at the WINGATE by Wyndham Hotel & Conference Center in Round Rock, TX, by Brian Rabel.


Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Brian Rabel, Substitute Sgt. at Arms.


Invocation: Given by Mr. Jerry Clark, CM

Introductions: by Brian Rabel, Ray Clary, CMS International President Mike Ralston, CM Immediate Past International President, Roger Hensley, CMS International E and E Board Chairman


Parliamentarian:  Dick Burk, CMS, acted as Parliamentarian for the meeting.


Roll Call of Officers:  Brian Rabel conducted the roll call. In Attendance were:

            President-                              Brian Rabel

            Vice President-                      James Bowman

            Secretary-                               James Bowman

            Treasurer-                             John Muntean

              Sgt. at Arms-  Absent

              Educational Director-           Larry Brewer, CM

            Historical Chairman-             W.D. “Mac” McCarthy, CM

            Region 10 Director-               Jerry Clark, CM


Certification of delegates: James Bowman, Secretary

Chapters Represented: 5

Delegates: 8

Total Votes Represented: 10

Jill Malone, 10200, moved to certify the delegate count. James Poole CM, 10196, seconds the motion. Minutes carried.


Minutes of the 70th Pre-Conference Business Meeting: Secretary James Bowman, 10202 presents previous meeting minutes. Jill Malone, 10200, moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Stanley Donnel, CMS 10196, seconds the motion. Motion carried.





Parliamentarian Dick Burke CMS suggested that it was allowed to accept a floor motion to see another delegate. Jill Malone, 10200 moved to seat Burt Wallace from the Tyler chapter as a delegate. Michael Heye seconded.

James Bowman, Secretary adjusted delegate count to

Chapters Represented: 6

Delegates: 9

Total Votes Represented: 12



Financial Report: John Muntean, Treasurer submitted financial report with a correction. Checks written from last business meeting incorrectly showed the amount to James Bowman, this was actually written to Burt Wallace to include mileage and white hat. Jill Malone, 10200 moved to accept financial report as corrected. James Poole, CM, 10196 seconded. Motion carried



Education Directors Report: Larry Brewer, Educational Director ran though a list of activities over the past year. With limited activities due to pandemic related shutdowns, the Educational account was running below the minimum required to prevent monthly banking fees. Dick Burkes CM pointed out an unwritten policy of keeping the educational account above $3,000. Jill Malone 10200 moved to transfer $2,000 from the Swede Nelson Account to the educational Account. James Poole, CM 10196. Motion carried.


Region 10 Directors Report:

Region 10 Director, Jerry Clark, CM, 10481, reported some International HQ news, the publication of the RSES Journal has been paused due to staffing issues. Immediate Past International President Mike Ralston along with other Board members will be representing RSES at the national educator conference in Las Vegas the following week. Jerry Clark also updated on an ongoing audit of the books, and a recent IRS notice. There were questions from the floor about submitted election reports from chapter not being updated on the website. He assured that it was a problem with staffing shortage but was being addressed. The most urgent matter taking staff time is bringing IRS filings up to date. Michael Heye, 10210 asked for a contact at HQ for chapter help in addressing any IRS issues. Jerry gave the name Ilene London but requested giving here some time to get past the current issues.  He also asked for any non-active chapters that still had RSES funds to get with him to reallocate those funds.

Jim Malone CM, 10200 asked about a previous discussion about dues being broken down and paid to local chapter and International separately. Clark explained that you could pay your local chapter and then they will pay International and regional, or you could pay local, regional and international separately. With further discussion among the attending international officers, it was obviously more confusing to pay separately.

John (inaudible) 2210, asked for advice on chapter issues related to the passing of the chapter president and the inability to get the records from the family and the treasurer being currently inactive.  It was recommended to contact Brendan at HQ to a list of membership and status. It was furthered recommended to hold a new chapter election as soon as possible and to take the meeting form that election to the back to take control of the chapter bank account.

Clark asked chapter representative when they are holding meetings:

Austin-2nd Thursday of each month, typically suspended in the summer.

San Antonio-3rd Thursday of each month.

Cowtown-2nd Thursday of each month, may suspend for the summer.


Dick Burke CMS asked when the last time the region received a dues check from HQ? 7/3/2018 was last checked of $2,730 received, SWRA is currently owed $4,124 for 2019 and 2020.2021 is currently being audited, upon completion of that audit then we can get an amount owed.


Old Business:

Carried over from last meeting, whether the SA conference has submitted their report, yet. Michael Heye CM, 10210 is still unable to get all the records, particularly with the passing of Elena Castilla. Jill Malone, 10200 reported she and Jim Malone physically saw, but did not receive a copy of, a financial report for that conference, during a previous visit to the chapter. The location of said report is unknown at this time. Gary Edmond and Elena Castilla were in charge of the conference and had access and control of all related records. Jill Malone, 10200 made a motion to appoint Michael Heye and John Gacai(sp)Ad Litem representatives to obtain the conference report and any related documents for the previous SWRA conference hosted in San Antonio.  Stanley Domal CMS 10196 seconded. Motion carried by voice vote


Committee Reports:


Audit Committee: Jerry Clark CM reported the books cleared his audit


Resolution Committed: No resolutions to report.


Nomination Committee: Chairman James Poole CMS, put forward the following slate of officers’ recommendations

James Bowman-President,

John Munteen- Vice President

Sara Ortiz- Secretary-

James Poole CMS- Treasurer,

Michael Heye CM- Sgt. At Arms,

Larry Brewer CM-Educational Director


Jill Malone, 10210 moved to accept the candidates as presented, Stanley Domal CMS 10196 seconded. Motion carried by voice vote.


Brian Rabel transferred the gavel to James Bowman and released his committee chairs  



New Business:


James Poole CMS, 10196 asked who handles the website.  Brenda Decker and Mark Fergason were webmasters. It was explained that we wrote a website committee into the bylaws a few years back. The sitting secretary was to chair this committee. At the time Brenda Decker had moved to an area without hi speed internet and would need to go into town to be able to update the website. Additionally, our current website is being hosted at no charge to us and is a very old platform. Going forward we will need to decide how to proceed. Spend money to upgrade website, and/or spend money on a new hosting platform or continue the status quo. Some members shared a little history of the website. Zebra Instruments is the company hosting the website. It takes a lot of work to maintain and update. This will be a topic for the boards spring workshop. Jill Malone 10200 moved to table until the fall meeting to bring Mark Ferguson into the discussion. Matt McCarthy CMS  10200 seconded and offered to call Mark.   


James Poole 71st Conference Chair provided a brief overview of the conference thus far.


Jill Malone 10200, Cowtown Chapter offered to hold the next Pre-Conference and Conference. (Inaudible) moved to accept, Larry Brewer seconded, Carried by voice vote.



New President James Bowman appoints committee chairs.

Audit Committee- Jill Malone

Nominating Committee- Stanley Dommal CMS

Resolutions Committee- Brian Rabel

Historical Committee- Mac McCarthy CMS


A general discussion was had about how to attract new members and engage more members at the regional level.


Roger Hensley offered to put on his air distribution class for any chapter for a reduced fee.



Jill Malone, 10200, moved to adjourn. Mac McCarthy, 10200 seconded. Meeting adjourned.



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