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RSES Members Awarded CM/CMS Status

July 10th, 2015

RSES is proud to announce the names of members who were awarded RSES Certificate Member and Certificate Member Specialist status April 2015 through June 2015.

In order to become a CM, a RSES Member must first pass a rigorous examination that tests the knowledge required to install and service refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. CM-level members are recognized industry-wide as having achieved a superior level of HVACR knowledge. The RSES CM exam is based heavily on theory and practical applications.

The following RSES members passed the CM exam and were awarded CM status: Gary Edge, CM, of the Refrigeration Association of San Antonio Chapter, San Antonio; Richard L. Gillenwater, CM, of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Toledo, Ohio; Gregory M. Ward, CM, of the Greater Detroit Chapter, Detroit; Darryl Shepherd, CM, of the Central Kentucky Chapter, Lexington, Ky.; Melvin M. Harrell, CM, of the Arrowhead Chapter, Riverside, Calif.; Michael Belcher, CM, of the Southwestern Virginia Chapter, Abingdon, Va.; Barry Crane, CM, of the Southwestern Virginia Chapter, Abingdon, Va.; and Donald J. Leonardi, Jr., CM, of the Member at Large Chapter, Colorado.

To obtain CMS status, a SM or RSES Member must first pass the CM examination. CMS status is earned by passing one or more of the eight Specialist examinations available. Specialist exam categories include: Commercial Refrigeration; Commercial Air Conditioning; Heating; Controls; Domestic Service; HVACR Electrical; Heat Pumps; and Dynamic Compression.

The following RSES member passed a CMS exam and was awarded CMS status: David C. Christensen, CMS, of the Mid West Chapter, Lohman, Mo., passed the exam in Domestic Service.

The CM/CMS exam series originated in 1935 and the SM classification was introduced in September 2008. For additional information, please contact the Educational Branch of RSES by calling 800-297-5660 or 847-297-6464, or by faxing 847-297-5038.

Finally, the TruTech Scholar Award is presented quarterly to the RSES Member who earns the highest score on the RSES Certificate Member exam and the RSES Member who earns the highest score on the RSES Certificate Member Specialist exam. The winners of the award for the April-June quarter are Gary Edge, CM, for the highest CM score, and David C. Christensen, who passed the Domestic Service exam with the highest overall score. Each TruTech Scholar Award winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to purchase TruTech merchandise.

RSES is the world's leading education, training and certification association for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration professionals. RSES credentials include its Active Specialized Member, Certificate Member and Certificate Member Specialist categories, as well as one of the largest EPA Section 608 certification programs in the industry. Founded in 1933, RSES is a non-profit organization of members in chapters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as affiliate organizations worldwide. For more information on RSES call 800-297-5660 or 847-297-6464, or visit our website at RSES, 1911 Rohlwing Road, Suite A, Rolling Meadows, IL  60008-1397.

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