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2015 – 2016 Executive Committee Appointments

November 20th, 2015

At the 2015 Annual Business Meeting, the Nominating Committee put forward a slate of officers for the Executive Committee that retained officers from the previous year. The officers on that slate are:

1. Harlan Krepcik, CMS, RCT – International President
2. Michael J. Thompson, CMS – International Vice President
3. Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT – International Secretary/Treasurer
4. Steve Wright, Sr., CMS, RCT – International Sergeant at Arms
5. Roger M. Hensley, CMS, RCT – Educational and Examining Board Chairman

The Nominating Committee felt it was important that the existing team be maintained to better facilitate implementation of the new business model approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual Conference. No other nominations came from the floor.

Attendance at the Annual Business Meeting did not achieve a quorum; therefore, a vote on the slate could not be held. As per the Bylaws, the Executive Committee as proposed by the Nominating Committee will serve until a vote is held at the next Annual Business Meeting.

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