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RSES Launches New eLearning Electricity Course

April 15th, 2021


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 RSES Launches New eLearning Electricity for the HVACR Technician Course


ElectricityRolling Meadows, Ill. (April 15, 2021) – RSES is happy to announce the launch of its updated Electricity for the HVACR Technician eLearning course on the HVACR Learning Network powered by ESCO RSES. This is an interactive online course that provides an introduction to the concepts of electricity and magnetism, description of basic electrical devices that use these concepts, the concepts of alternating current and related devices, and the basic explanation of electrical schematics. The course is broken out into the following 12 modules:

  • Terminology and Units of Measurement: Covers the “building blocks” of matter and understand the relationship between atomic structure and electricity;
  • Electronics - History and Concepts: Provides an introduction to the basics of electronics, and will help you understand the difference between the terms “electronics” and “electric;”
  • Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, and Power: Explains a series in a circuit and state the three rules that govern the behavior of a series circuit;
  • Magnetism and Transformers: Focuses on the concept of magnetism, the various types of magnets in use today, and their individual characteristics;
  • Magnetic Attraction, Repulsion, and Shielding: Defines magnetic lines of force, explain magnetic fields, and define magnetic flux;
  • Transformers: Explains the purpose of a transformer, describe the components of a transformer, list the common defects you may encounter when working with transformers, and explain how the power-handling capacity of a transformer is measured. :
  • Relays, Contactors and Starters: Discusses the workings of relays, contactors and starters;
  • Fundamentals of Alternating Current: Studies the nature and composition of alternating current. You will be able to explain alternating current and explain sine waves;
  • Alternating Current: Reactance, Impedance & Power Factor: Teaches how to calculate the resistance offered by capacitors and inductors;
  • Circuit Protection Devices: Fuses: Discusses the conditions under which protection is needed, and describe the different types of fuses;
  • Circuit Protection Devices: Circuit Breakers & Overload Protection: Covers the main components of a circuit breaker, and explains the basic function of a circuit breaker; and
  • Understanding Electrical Schematics: Describes how wiring diagrams can be read, identify different types of wiring diagrams used in HVACR industry, and name the five basic components to any schematic.

Each module, which may be purchased individually or together as one bundled course, includes an end-of-module certificate upon the successful completion of an exam. The course is approved for 36 NATE CEHs or 3.6 CEUs. All modules together provide approximately 30–40 hours of electrical training.

Electricity_BookThis online course and the individual modules closely resemble the RSES Electricity for HVACR Technicians manual as well as various lessons covered throughout the Electricity Unit manuals, however, the eLearning option further supplements and stresses the safety issues related to the HVACR industry.
RSES will be releasing Air Conditioning Fundamentals in the next few weeks.

To purchase the online course, visit The HVACR Learning Network or check out RSES’ Online Store. You can also call 800-297-5660.

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