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In July 1933—just four months after RSES’ incarnation in February—its first official publication, Refrigeration Service Engineer (RSE), came into being thanks to RSES founder Herbert Herkimer and J.F. Nickerson of Nickerson and Collins Co. This company published the pioneer and only HVACR industry journal at the time, Ice and Refrigeration, which was launched in July 1891. Herkimer introduced Nickerson to the group that would form RSES during a March 9, 1933 meeting. It is here that Nickerson presented plans for developing the new society into a national organization and presented the idea about a publication (RSE) that would be created to better serve the society and promote its educational work.

Nickerson and Collins Co. was eventually purchased by H.T. McDermott—one of the first Members to join RSES. In January 1957, RSE appeared in mailboxes as Refrigeration Service and Contracting (RSC). McDermott credited the name change as “being more descriptive of the services our readers are performing.” In addition to the title change, the issue was reduced from its 23-year-sustained 9 x 6-in. size to the 8.25 x 11-in. publishing standard at the time. RSC published the first Manufacturers Service Managers Council (MSMC) Hotline in October 1976; and it remains a vital information resource today, appearing as the Manufacturers’ Service Advisory Council (MSAC) Hotline.

After the death of McDermott in October 1965, RSC was purchased by the recently named President of Nickerson and Collins Co., Jack Robinson; who not only steered the publishing company into the up-in-coming technological age, but also oversaw RSC’s publication for the next 20 years. In June 1985, Business News Publishing—now BNP Media—took over publishing the magazine.

RSC finally found its home inside the walls of RSES’ Des Plaines, IL, International Headquarters in June 1995, when it was renamed RSES Journal. The magazine has been evolving ever since. In June 2009, the publication celebrated 15 years of in-house production; a milestone that inspired the latest incarnation of its many redesigns. While the look and content presentation has changed, its mission remains the same since its inception.

RSES Journal Vision Statement

To continue as the industry’s leading source for technical information that HVACR contractors and service technicians can apply on the jobsite.

RSES Journal Mission Statement

RSES Journal’s mission is to provide authoritative, useful information to the RSES Member and the HVACR industry on the installation, maintenance, service and repair of HVACR equipment; new technology; new products; industry trends and issues; business management and customer service; and news about RSES Regional, State and Chapter activities. RSES Journal supports RSES’ mission to provide world-class training and education for its Members and the HVACR industry.

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