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Apr 2018
Troubleshooting: Follow-up On a Walk-in Cooler Repair
Email your real-life troubleshooting problem—along with the ultimate solution you found—to Be sure to include as much supporting documentation as possible— wiring diagrams, model/serial numbers, etc. If your problem is published, you will be rewarded with a free heat-pump training video, “Uncomplicating the Heat Pump: Refrigeration and Air Flow Systems.”
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Mar 2018
Troubleshooting: An Electric Furnace That's Not Performing
The equipment in this month’s troubleshooting problem is an electric furnace that has been in service for “at least 10 years” according to the customer who reported that the unit was running almost constantly, but not keeping the building comfortable.
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Jan 2018
Troubleshooting: An Uncomfortable Bedroom
This troubleshooting situation has a history. In the six years that the up-flow gas furnace in this three-bedroom ranch style house has been in service, several attempts have been made to solve the problem of one bedroom that, according to the customer, is always too cool during the heating season.
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Nov 2017
Troubleshooting: A Flordia Heat Pump Problem
In this month’s troubleshooting problem the equipment that needs servicing is a split system heat pump, manufactured under the brand name Grandaire.
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Oct 2017
Troubleshooting: Follow-Up to a Gas Furnace That is Sitting Dead
This month’s troubleshooting situation involves an up-flow gas furnace that serves as both the heating source in the winter and as the air handler in a split system for cooling in summer.
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Sep 2017
Troubleshooting: A Walk-In That is Not Performing
In this month’s troubleshooting situation you have been called in to solve an ongoing problem with a refrigeration system in a restaurant.
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Aug 2017
MSAC Hotline: Pressure Drop
The Manufacturers’ Service Advisory Council provides expert answers to your technical questions.
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Aug 2017
Troubleshooting: A Split System That's Blowing Fuses
The equipment in this month’s troubleshooting situation has been around a while. Installed in 1999, the unit is a Nordyne brand, Model #S3BA-60K, and the customer requesting service explained to the dispatcher that they have had to replace fuses in the disconnect several times.
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Jul 2017
Troubleshooting: An Uncomfortable Customer
In this month’s troubleshooting situation you are responding to a customer’s complaint that their home is just “not comfortable.”
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Jun 2017
Troubleshooting: An Air Conditioning System That Won't Cool Enough
In this month’s troubleshooting situation, you are dealing with a four-ton split system, and the locale is a Southwestern desert city. The customer in this case is the landlord, and they are working on the residence, getting it ready to rent after the departure of a longtime tenant.
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Results: 116 Articles Found
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