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Hospital Controls Pathogen Growth with Cooling Towers

The Arkansas Surgical Hospital needed to replace its air cooled chiller and it was recommended that it not only install an updated chiller but pair it with an advanced cooling tower that could control pathogen growth.

The anti-microbial resin contains wide-spectrum additives that operate on a cellular level to continuously disrupt and prevent uncontrolled growth of microorganisms and biofilm within the cooling tower. Efficacy tests were performed by Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Experts.

Cooling tower design and materials can be very significant in the prevention of pathogen growth.  To avoid problems of stagnant water leading to pathogen growth, experts recommend cooling tower designs feature a sloped basin and/or basin sweeper system. Arkansas Surgical Hospital already boasts a very low infection rate of under 0.3%, compared to a national average of 3% among U.S. hospitals.

By proactively making the switch to an advanced anti-microbial tower cooler, paired with a very high efficiency HVAC chiller, the hospital is also significantly reducing energy costs, which was also a prime consideration.

Metal-clad cooling towers are vulnerable to corrosion from salt air, industrial gasses and even the chemicals used to treat the recirculating water.  The best water treatments for Legionella prevention, in fact, are oxidizing biocides which react aggressively toward metal surfaces, effectively attacking metal-clad cooling towers and shortening service life. As a result, metal cooling towers require increasing patching, maintenance, costly downtime and eventual replacement.

In choosing Delta’s cooling tower, which features a fill, drift eliminator and shell all constructed of corrosion proof anti-microbial plastic, Arkansas Surgical Hospital now has a cooling tower that is impervious to the corrosive effects of ambient air and water treatment chemicals, as well as oxidizing biocides; all of which plague metal-clad cooling towers.

In addition, since the engineered molded plastic cooling towers are one-piece, there are no problems with seams, welds, and patches that wear prematurely.  Therefore, the plastic models offer extended longevity and require far less downtime for cleaning, repair or replacement.

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