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COVID-19 Update

The Illinois State Governor has announced a “Stay at Home” order today, Friday, March 20, which will remain in effect through April 7. I want to reiterate to you, our members and customers that we will continue to work remotely during this time and continue uninterrupted services. As stated during our initial announcement about RSES’ COVID-19 response, delays should be expected.

The best way to contact RSES Headquarters will be by contacting the staff via their direct extensions or emails listed at For the fastest service, membership renewals are best done over the phone during our regular business hours so we can take a credit card and process it. Check submissions for renewals will be delayed until the stay at home order is lifted.

Please see below for additional information:

Book/CD/DVD Orders: As of today, we are operating with a “business as usual” mentality. However, in the event that logistics companies refrain from doing business, we would need to as well. We will alert customers immediately if that were to occur.

Online Training: Our eLearning, eBooks, membership portal, etc., are all operating normally! This is one of the best ways to continue your training and education at this time. We will be processing all orders remotely, so there may be some delays, but not significant.

Membership Access: Current members should have no issues logging on to access their member’s only portal. Partial access is granted when becoming a member online, but your payment will need to be processed before complete access is granted. New members may see a delay in receiving user names/passwords and receiving complete members access.

Webinars: All webinars scheduled are still a go. Archives are available at no charge to current members. If you are seeking continuing education credit for webinars, you will need to purchase those through our Online Store. If you are a member, be sure to log in first so you receive your member discount.

In-person Chapter/Regional Meetings: RSES International President Steve Wright, CMS, RCT is in the process of alerting Chapter Officers about suspending Chapter/Regional activity until further notice. If you are planning to attend a local Chapter and/or Regional event, please contact them direct to see if that event will still be taking place.

Exam Processing: We will try to maintain the same turnaround for exam grading/processing as we always have, which has been 5-7 business days; however, this may be delayed. If you are sending exams to be graded, simply email us to find out the approximate grading turnaround.

Phones: When you call our 800 line, you will need to leave a message in our general voicemail for us to return your call. We have call-forwarded our direct lines for the time being, but please know there may be a delay in responding to your inquiry. Leave a message if you cannot get a hold of someone direct. Here are the direct lines/emails of each RSES employee:

RSES Headquarters Contacts
Lori Schiavo 847/759-4035;

Eileen Lundin, Accounting Manager, 847/759-4026;
Steve Vaughan, Marketing & Communications Manager 847/759-4031;
Stephanie Wood, Customer Service Representative 847/759-4024;
Meredith Morales, Customer Service Representative 847/759-4034;
Stephanie Rosheck, Creative Director 847/759-4030;
Bob Mader, Managing Editor 847/759-4051;
Jordan Brandes, Senior Editor 847/759-4032;

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Leading Off: COVID-19: The Obvious and Obscure (PDF)

First, let me say the opinions that I express here are mine. I am not a virologist or an epidemiologist. If you want to know more about COVID-19 and HVACR practices, there is a wealth of information available. Two speci?c documents I like are REHVA COVID-19 guidance document, March 17, 2020, and ASHRAE Position on Airborne Infectious Diseases. read more

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