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Desiccant Systems - Part 1

Form #: 630-124
This chapter covers material that is reprinted from the American Gas Cooling Center’s Applications Engineering Manual For Desiccant Systems, May 1996 and covers the fundamentals of desiccants and the types of desiccant systems.

Components of Desiccant Systems - Part 2

Form #: 630-125
This chapter contains further information on Desiccant Systems and covers desiccant wheel assemblies, reactivation heaters, heat exchangers for post-cooling, indirect evaporative post-coolers, filtration requirements and control components.

Maintaining Desiccant Systems - Part 3

Form #: 630-126
This particular chapter is a reprint of Chapter 7 of the AGCC Manual and covers the essential maintenance of filters, and the desiccant wheel, drive assembly and support bearing, plus fan, cooling component maintenance.

Air Conditioning - General

Form #: 630-14
This chapter is intended to present the theory of air conditioning in everyday language and to give such data as required to actually estimate the average commercial type of air conditioning close enough for all practical purposes.

Results: 4 Chapters Found
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