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The Principles of Air Flow Pressure and Air Filtration

Form #: 630-156
This chapter is adapted from the NAFA Guide to Air Filtration, published by the National Air Filtration Association. (Reprinted with permission.) Some of the topics covered: principles of: (1) air flow, (2) air pressure, (3) particulate air filtration, and also mechanical air, impingement, and interception diffusion filters as well as electrostatically charged media.

HEPA, UPLA, and Super ULPA filters

Form #: 630-157
The need for better filtration and means of verifying filter performance has led to the development of newer ways of testing HEPA and ULPA filters. The object of this chapter is to summarize the types of filters now available, the methods of testing, and typical applications.

Air Filters

Form #: 630-23
This chapter on air filters covers: analysis of air contaminants, effects of contaminants, collection of contaminants, type of filters, filter maintenance, filter efficiency, and odor control.

The Electrostatic Method of Air Cleaning, Theory and Fundamentals - Part 1

Form #: 630-72
This chapter deals primarily with the electrostatic method of removing particulate contaminants (particles) found in the air of homes, offices, and other enclosed spaces.

The Electrostatic Method of Air Cleaning, Theory and Fundamentals - Part 2

Form #: 630-73
In this chapter, “hardware” that translates the theory of electrostatic precipitation into practice is examined. Selected design considerations are given to help understand both the Honeywell example and other electronic air cleaner.

Clean Room Systems

Form #: 630-88
This chapter covers: contaminant removal, air flow, system components, basic systems, clean room operation & maintenance and typical job specifications.

Results: 6 Chapters Found
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