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Contaminating Gases in Refrigerating Systems

Form #: 620-15
This chapter covers the discussion of contaminating gases divided into several sections, each section being associated more or less with the source of the contaminating gases. (Gases from pressure testing; washing equipment; soldering; air; gases from burned out hermetics; gases from the reaction of refrigerants and oils).

Desiccants and Driers

Form #: 620-16C
The goal of this chapter is make clear the difference between desiccants and driers.

Methyl Alcohol in Refrigeration

Form #: 620-17A
This is an informative chapter on the use of methyl alcohol in refrigeration. It has been employed for a long time, and its use has been labeled both good and bad. However, there still exists, the necessity for carefully evaluating the use of methyl alcohol as an antifreeze.

Results: 3 Chapters Found
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