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Adjustable Speed Drives

Form #: 620-103
This chapter covers adjustable-speed drives and their function and use in devices driven by motors.

AC Electric Motor Troubleshooting Tips

Form #: 620-109
Chapter has some troubleshooting hints and numerous troubleshooting charts to use as basic reference tools for helping locating and fixing problems on single-phase and three-phase motors.

High Voltage Surge

Form #: 620-110
The purpose of this chapter is guide the service technician in handling a claim of high-voltage surge (HVS) damage to a refrigeration or air conditioning compressor. Such an evaluation usually is done to ascertain whether or not an insurance company is liable for the necessary compressor repairs or replacement.

Electric Motors

Form #: 620-35A
This chapter covers the inner workings of various motors with accompanying diagrams to show how these motors function.

Electric Motors Troubleshooting-Repair Shop Test

Form #: 620-36
The chapter material relates to locating and repairing the mechanical troubles and/or electrical troubles of motors.

Terminal Markings and Internal Wiring Diagrams

Form #: 620-37
This chapter covers motor terminal marking for proper connection to power source for all alternating current motors and data covering internal wiring to motor terminals which can help HVAC personnel in solving motor problems.

Motor Capacitors

Form #: 620-46A
The refrigeration industry is dependent upon a simple electrical device about which many servicemen are confused—the capacitor. The capacitor does two things for single phase electric motors: It improves starting torque and it improves motor efficiency. These two functions result from the capacitor's ability to: cause a phase shift and limit current. Several misconceptions about capacitors will be corrected in this chapter.

How to Specify Fractional-Horsepower Motors

Form #: 620-78
This chapter covers information that is necessary for proper specification of fractional-horsepower motors. Motor features and performance are described and related to basic industry standards.


Form #: 650-003A
This chapter is intended to provide the reader with the history and background on electronically communicated motors (ECMs.) Part 1 in a series.

ECMs Part 2: Constant-Airflow ECMs

Form #: 650-004
This SAM section is dedicated to providing the reader with an understanding of current Constant-Airflow ECMs including their operation, application and benefits, installation and setup, traoubleshooting and repair.

Results: 12 Chapters Found
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