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Electric Currents and Circuits

Form #: 620-24A
This chapter deals with direct current (dc) and alternating current (ac),the two basic characteristics: voltage and current, Ohm's Law, and voltage drop insulators and conductors, reactance, transformers & three-phase circuits along with the respective formulas & charts.

Single-Phase versus Three-Phase Service for Residential Air Conditioning

Form #: 620-25
The purpose of this chapter is to present the results of a study made in 1954 to determine the difference in cost of a single-phase system compared to a three-phase system for serving 3hp and 5hp air-conditioning units and heat pumps. Customer costs as well as utility costs are considered.

Inside Wiring Circuits

Form #: 620-69
It is the purpose of this chapter to describe inside wiring systems, how to recognize the different types of systems, and how to test those systems.

Results: 3 Chapters Found
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