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Energy Audit Mechanics: Predicting Energy Conservation Savings

Form #: 630-112
This chapter will present an effective procedure for conducting energy audits for most building types. This particular audit and analysis procedure was developed to be used in fulfilling utility requirements as the first step in rebate applications; therefore biased toward the rebate programs with which it is designed to be used.

Retrofits for Effective Energy Management - Why and How Buildings Use Energy - Part 1

Form #: 630-80
This chapter addressed the question of why and how buildings use energy and more specifically, the reasons for energy use. The reasons are: architectural design, heating and air conditioning, lighting and electrical power, domestic hot water, process energy and maintenance.

Retrofits for Effective Energy Management - One Approach to Energy Audits - Part 2

Form #: 630-82
Presented in this chapter are some observations, experiences and recommendations for accomplishing energy audits in existing buildings.

Refrigerant-to-Water Heat Recovery Systems

Form #: 630-83
This chapter covers the topics: active vs. passive, sequence of operation, installation of refrigerant tubing and water tubing, equipment installation and the heat exchange cleaning procedure.

Air Curtains

Form #: 630-91
Some of topics covered in this chapter are: re-circulating and non-re-circulating curtains, climate control curtains, industrial refrigeration, air curtain size selection for climate control, performance check and installation and service.

Results: 5 Chapters Found
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