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Safe Food Handling

Form #: 620-106
This chapter explains what to do at each step in the food-handling process—from shopping for food to stor­ing leftovers—in order to avoid food poisoning

Foods and Their Preservation

Form #: 620-23
This chapter covers the preservation of the six general classifications of perishable foods (meats, poultry, sea-foods, fruits, vegetables & dairy products); the principal causes of food deterioration; different methods of storage and distribution of perishable foods.

Apple Storage

Form #: 620-64
This chapter relates to the long-term apple storage by the “Controlled Atmospheric Method. It illustrates the size and construction of the storage room, the Breather Bag and covers liquid refrigerant distributors, various methods of diffuser selection, compressor & condensing unit selection among other subjects related to apple storage.

Preservation of Citrus Fruits

Form #: 620-75
This chapter covers the question: What is the role of refrigeration for citrus fruits? The answer is that humidity plays a very important role in the handling, transportation and storage of citrus fruits.

Results: 4 Chapters Found
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