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Basic Heat Pump Theory

Form #: 620-54
The purpose of this chapter is to provide a basic understanding of heat pump theory and a more practical approach to the solution of problem which arise in conjunction with heat pump operation.

Heat Pump Reversing Valve Application

Form #: 620-56A
This chapter looks at a reverse cycle heat pump system and observes the one main difference in hardware between it and a conventional air conditioner. Some of the topics covered: basic compression refrigeration cycle, manually operated reverse, heat pump system, and also, operating principles, heating phase, installation in addition to troubleshooting check charts.

Heat Pump Controls - Part 1

Form #: 620-85
Of all the heating and cooling systems commonly used in residential applications, the heat pump is the most complex. The controls required on a heat pump reflect that complexity. In fact, a heat pump control system, considered in a single look, can be overwhelming; but the individual requirements for each control function are logical and relatively easy to grasp once you understand their purpose which is explained in this chapter.

Heat Pump Controls - Part 2

Form #: 620-86A
This chapter is a continuation of the topic of heat pump controls including defrost, auxiliary heat, emergency heat, safety controls and a final review of heat pump systems.

How to Diagnose and Correct Reversing Valve Problems

Form #: 620-87
This chapter dives into effective troubleshooting on heat pumps which requires a thorough understanding of the heat pump systems. This chapter gives an understanding of the reversing valve and its function.

Installation and Service of Water-Source and Geothermal Heat Pumps

Form #: 620-92
Some of the subjects covered in this chapter are: water-to-air package units, operating sequence in cooling mode, unit location, determining water flow rate through COAX, troubleshooting, and water coil maintenance.

Results: 6 Chapters Found
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