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The Psychrometic Chart and Its use

Form #: 630-16
In this chapter, the basic fundamentals of psychrometry as well as several examples of its use to the Service Engineer are covered.

Practical Applications of Psychrometrics

Form #: 650-002
The psychrometric chart should be a familiar friend to anyone working with HVAC systems. Psychrometrics is the science of the physical properties of air and its associated water vapor. All HVACR professionals must have a good command of the basic principles that support this science. We select, install, and service mechanical systems that are designed to manipulate the physical properties of air for the purpose of controlling its temperature, humidity level, and cleanliness. This is done to provide improved comfort within a conditioned space, as well as for other reasons—to protect construction materials used in the building, for example, or to preserve food products. The following paragraphs review eight physical properties of air: dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature, relative humidity, specific humidity, dew point, enthalpy, vapor pressure and density.

Results: 2 Chapters Found
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