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Form #: 630-100
This chapter pertains to the subject of Radon in response to members’ requests for information.

Removal and Disposal of Capacitors Containing PCBs (see also Section 30, 620-89)

Form #: 630-111
This chapter covers types of capacitors and recommendations.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade Safety for Construction, Service and Maintenance Workers

Form #: 630-116
By adhering to the legal responsibilities and recommended practices outlined in this chapter, labor and management can work together to reduce or eliminate many injuries and improve the health and safety of all who work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Fall Protection in Construction

Form #: 630-118
The material in this chapter is reprinted from a booklet issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The booklet (OSHA 3146, FALLL PROTECTION IN CONSTRUCTION, 1995) explains the revisions made to OSHA construction industry safety standards on August 9, 1994. These standards are designed to prevent employees from falling, and to protect them from falling objects

Recommended Safety Practices for Users and Installers of Industrial and Commercial Fans

Form #: 630-119
This chapter covers the proper use and installation of industrial and commercial fans. It is not intended to address residential and consumer fans.

Heat-Protective Clothing

Form #: 630-120
Topics in this chapter cover high temperatures and the service technician, solutions to heat exposure, OSHA requirements and the employer, gel packet clothing, refrigerated air clothing, & liquid flow clothing.

How to Prepare for Workplace Emergencies

Form #: 630-121
Some of the topics covered in this chapter are: planning, chain of command, communications, emergency response teams and medical assistance.

Portable Fire Extinguishers and Their Use

Form #: 630-134
The information contained in this chapter will acquaint service technicians with various types of fire extinguishers and the various types of fires for which they are designed.

ABCs of Electrical Measurement Safety

Form #: 630-142
The main topics covered in this chapter are: multi-meter safety and you, overvoltage installation categories, protection against major hazards, and evaluating a multi-meter’s safety rating.

Safety and First Aid for the Refrigeration Service Engineer - Part 1

Form #: 630-52
This chapter covers First Aid due to physical injuries.

Results: 13 Chapters Found
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