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Retubing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Heat Exchangers

Form #: 630-102
This chapter is not meant to supersede specific O.E.M. established instructional material, but the information provided here is universally applicable to all manufacturers’ types of equipment.

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Form #: 630-109
Some of the covered topics in this chapter are: reducing refrigerant loss, area monitoring, leak locating methods, preventing migration of refrigeration, types of analyzers, and selectivity of leak detectors.

Examining Flood-Damaged Equipment

Form #: 630-115
This chapter contains seven articles that appeared in the August 2, 1993 issue of the “Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News. Due to the value of this information it is being provided here as a permanent reference for industry service technicians and contractors.

Increasing Centrifugal Pump Reliability

Form #: 630-127
This chapter contains information on the selection and installation, maintenance and repair of pumps, plus pump storage and basic pump rules.

Leak Detection Devices and Methods

Form #: 630-143
This chapter describes commonly used leak detection devices and methods and describes some of the advantages and disadvantages

Application Data, Heavy Oil Heating Systems

Form #: 630-32
This chapter is intended as a general guide to understanding the principles of combustion, characteristics of heavy petroleum fuels, and their application to oil burners in the commercial and industrial category.

Bearing Failures and Their Causes

Form #: 630-44
This chapter examines bearing failures and their causes. Most bearing failures can be attributed to one or more of the following causes: defective bearing seats on shafts and in housings, misalignment, faulty mounting practice, incorrect shaft and housing fits, inadequate lubrication, ineffective sealing, vibration while the bearing is not rotating and the passage of electric current through the bearing.

Metal Fatigue in the Refrigeration Industry

Form #: 630-45
This chapter gives the service engineer information on metal fatigue to predict the life of highly stressed components to head off a serious breakdown before it has occurred.

Safety Relief Devices for Refrigerant Pressure Vessels

Form #: 630-69
Some of the subjects covered in this chapter are: types of relief devices, ANSI B9.1 code requirement for relief devices, selection of types, pressure settings, discharge piping table, pressure relief valves – direct spring loaded and diaphragm type, and factors to consider when installing relief valves.

Seasonal Maintenance Checklists

Form #: 630-90
This chapter contains the Spring and Fall maintenance check lists for HVAC equipment (some of the equipment mentioned: absorption chillers, air compressors, fan systems, cooling towers, humidifiers, condensers).

Results: 12 Chapters Found
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