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Soldering and Brazing Copper Tube

Form #: 630-41A
Through the proper application of the installation techniques covered in this chapter, the service technician can achieve consistently reliable soldered and brazed joints in copper tubing systems of all diameters.

Supplement to Soldering and Brazing Copper Tube

Form #: 630-41A-1
This chapter is a supplement, to the chapter covering “Soldering and Brazing Copper Tube” and was written as a guide for connecting copper tubing for use in a water system. This chapter covers the specific techniques that must be observed when you connect copper tubing that will be used to carry refrigerant.

Field Repair of Aluminum Refrigeration Coils

Form #: 630-42
This chapter covers the standard evacuation, flushing and dehydration procedures that must be followed prior to making repairs on pressurized aluminum refrigeration components. These affect operator safety and system function and are necessary regardless of the metals used in the components.

Results: 3 Chapters Found
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