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Mathematics for the Service Engineer

Form #: 620-02A
This chapter covers basic mathematics such as compression ratios, heat gain calculations & sizing of components for a particular application. Topics covered also include common fractions and their decimal equivalents, percentages, square root and the Hypotenuse Rule.

Basic Algebra for the Service Engineer

Form #: 620-03A
This chapter covers basic mathematics but in algebraic formats. It covers algebraic definitions, numerical algebraic expressions, signed numbers, rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of signed numbers, rules for polynomials, monomials, factoring, and exponents. Steps used algebra are basic to the solution of problems involving fractions & decimals.

Trade Math

Form #: 620-119
This chapter covers HVACR terminology with practical applications regarding doing the math in the correct sequence to solve mathematical equations such as evaluating the performance of an electrical furnace, working with motor capacitors and sensible heat equations to estimate air flow.

ASHRAE SI (Metric Guide)

Form #: 620-82
This chapter covers information directly applying to the HVACR industry. The International System (SI) consists of seven base and two supplementary units, which can stand alone, and a number of derived units, which are combinations of base units or base and supplementary units. Some derived units have special names and symbols. This chapter covers the correct terminology and symbols used in the HVACR industry.

Results: 4 Chapters Found
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