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Technical Institute HVACR Training Manual 2: Interactive DVD Edition


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ISBN     978-1-61607-098-4


Technical Institute HVACR Training Manual 2: Interactive DVD Edition

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Beginning with the tools of the trade, this manual covers refrigeration system accessories, desiccants and driers, defrosting methods, refrigeration system controls, and piping. It also includes instruction on compressor replacement and system evacuation, electric motors in refrigeration systems, motor capacitors and protectors, thermostats, relays, contactors and starters, test equipment and troubleshooting, pressure and enthalpy diagrams, psychrometrics, heat transfer, estimating heat loads, residential air conditioning, humidification and a review of safety codes.

Lesson 1 Trade Tools
Lesson 2 Refrigeration System Accessories
Lesson 3 Desiccants and Driers
Lesson 4 Defrosting Methods
Lesson 5 Refrigeration System Controls
Lesson 6 Refrigeration System Piping (Part 1)
Lesson 7 Refrigeration System Piping (Part 2)
Lesson 8 Retrofits and Disposal Requirements
Lesson 9 Compressor Replacement and System Evacuation
Lesson 10 Motors
Lesson 11 The Electric Motor in Refrigeration
Lesson 12 Capacitors
Lesson 13 Motor Capacitors and Protectors (Part 1)
Lesson 14 Motor Capacitors and Protectors (Part 2)
Lesson 15 Low-Voltage Thermostats
Lesson 16 Relays, Contactors and Starters
Lesson 17 Test Equipment (Part 1)
Lesson 18 Test Equipment (Part 2)
Lesson 19 Troubleshooting (Part 1)
Lesson 20 Troubleshooting (Part 2)
Lesson 21 Troubleshooting (Part 3)
Lesson 22 Using Pressure and Enthalpy Diagrams (Part 1)
Lesson 23 Using Pressure and Enthalpy Diagrams (Part 2)
Lesson 24 Moisture in Air
Lesson 25 Calculating Cooling Loads
Lesson 26 Psychometrics
Lesson 27 Heat Transfer (Part 1)
Lesson 28 Heat Transfer (Part 2)
Lesson 29 Estimating Heat Loads (Part 1)
Lesson 30 Estimating Heat Loads (Part 2)
Lesson 31 Room Air Conditioners
Lesson 32 Types of Air Conditioning Systems
Lesson 33 Residential Air Conditioning
Lesson 34 Humidification (Part 1)
Lesson 35 Humidification (Part 2)
Lesson 36 Review of Safety Codes
Glossary of Terms
  • Processor: Pentium II, 250 MHz or higher
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Hard drive: 30 MB available space
  • CD-ROM drive: 8x
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • 32 and 64 bit
  • Other: 16-bit sound card, 256-color video graphics adapter capabilities recommended

2012 Update - DVD format allows more data on a single disk, so all 36 lessons fit on one DVD instead of 12 CDs as before. 

PLEASE NOTE:  DVDs are for use in a computer - NOT formatted to play in a DVD player for your television.


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