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Module 12 - Understanding Electrical Schematics


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Module 12 - Understanding Electrical Schematics

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Understanding Electrical Schematics


Detailed look at the symbols and conventions commonly used in schematic diagrams

Upon the completion of this module, you will understand how to:

1. Describe how wiring diagrams can be read.
2. Identify different types of wiring diagrams used in the HVACR industry.
3. List the five basic components to any schematic.
4. Identify the electrical symbols used in schematic diagrams, and the components that they represent.
5. Identify the "line" side and the "load" side of a schematic diagram.
6. Explain the difference between the "line" side and the "load" side.
7. Explain how to use the line-numbering system included in many schematic diagrams.
8. Describe the different switch symbols used in schematic diagrams.
9. Study a complicated wiring diagram for a packaged gas/electric system.
10. Identify the various machine functions depicted in the wiring diagram.

Topic 1: Wiring Diagrams and Their Types

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Reading a Wiring Diagram
* Five Components of a Wiring Diagram
* Basic Types of Wiring Diagrams
* The Ladder Diagram
* The Line Diagram
* The Installation Diagram
* Check-Point Question
* Topic Summary

Topic 2: Symbols Used in Schematics

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Power Supplies
* Wiring
* Variations in Practices
* Switches
* Loads
* Schematic Symbols used in the HVACR Industry
* Check-Point Question
* Topic Summary

Topic 3: Understanding Electrical Schematics

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Side-by-Side Configuration
* Up-and-Down Configuration
* Check-Point Question
* Topic Summary

Topic 4: Locators, Legends, and Switch Symbols

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* The Line Numbering System
* Legends
* Switch Symbols
* Single-Pole, Single-Throw and Single-Pole, Double-Throw Switches
* Double-Pole, Double-Throw Switches
* Temperature and Pressure Controls
* SPDT Limit Switch
* Relays
* Contactors
* Check-Point Question
* Topic Summary

Topic 5: Locators. the Basic Diagram

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Schematic of a packaged heating/cooling unit
* Equipment
* Relays: Locating the Control Relay
* Circuits: Series Circuits
* Circuits: Parallel Circuits
* Series Parallel Circuits and Pressure Controls
* Connections and Wiring
* Non-Replaceable Controls or Relays
* Legends
* Check-Point Question
* Topic Summary
* Assessment

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