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Module 5 - Gas Laws II


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Module 5 - Gas Laws II

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Gas Laws II


The behavior of various gases under different circumstances, the concept of density and temperature change, the specific volume and specific gravity of a material, the behavior of gases with respect to changes in weight and density

Upon completion of this module you will understand how to:

1. Explain what is meant by "density".
2. Explain what is meant by "specific volume" and "specific gravity".
3. Use the formula PV = mRT to measure change in materials.
4. State Dalton's law of partial pressures and use it to solve problems involving gases.

Topic 1: Density

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Density of Materials
* Comparing Densities of Two Materials
* Why the Density of 1 ft3 of Ice Changes with a Change in Temperature
* Densities of Some Common Materials
* Check-Point Question: Density
* Check-Point Question: Density
* Topic Summary

Topic 2: Specific Volume and Specific Gravity

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Specific Volume of Materials
* Specific Gravity of Materials
* Check-Point Question: Specific Volume
* Check-Point Question: Specific Gravity and Density
* Topic Summary

Topic 3: Measuring Changes in Materials

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Measuring Two Volumes of Gas
* Measuring Changes in Materials
* Gas Constant (R) Value
* Modifying the General Gas Law
* Mass
* Sample Problem: Calculating Internal Volume of a Cylinder
* Check-Point Question: General Gas Law and Measuring Changes in Materials
* Topic Summary

Topic 4: Dalton's Law

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Mixture of Gases: Pressure Exerted by a Single Gas in a Container
* Mixture of Gases: Pressure Exerted by Two Gases in a Container
* Dalton's Law: Calculating Partial Pressure of Nitrogen
* Dalton's Law: Calculating Partial Pressure of R-22
* Dalton's Law: Calculating the Total Pressure
* Check-Point Question: Dalton's Law Equation
* Topic Summary


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