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Module 10 - Refrigerant Properties


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Module 10 - Refrigerant Properties

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Refrigerant Properties


The various properties of refrigerants, an explanation of the terms zeotropes, azeotropes, and near-azeotropes and the difference between them, the thermodynamic, physical and safety properties of common refrigerants.

Upon completion of this module you will understand how to:

1. Define the term refrigerant.
2. Describe common refrigerant requirements
3. List the refrigerants that are in use today
4. Explain the difference between zeotropes, azeotropes, and nearazeotropes.
5. Define the terms bubble point, dew point, fractionation, and glide.
6. List and describe the thermodynamic, physical, and safety properties of several common refrigerants.
7. Explain the relationship between refrigerants and oils.

Topic 1: Refrigerants

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Know Your Refrigerant
* Common Refrigerant Requirements
* Refrigerants in Use Today
* Check-Point Question: Refrigerants
* Check-Point Question: Refrigerants
* Topic Summary

Topic 2: Types of Refrigerants

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Expendable Refrigerants
* Common Expendable Refrigerants
* Fluorinated Hydrocarbon Compounds
* R-501 and R-502
* The "New" Refrigerants
* Common Refrigerant Types
* Telling the Difference
* Temperature-Pressure Values for Common Refrigerants
* Temperature-Pressure Values for R-407C
* Check-Point Question: Types of Refrigerants
* Topic Summary

Topic 3: Thermodynamic, Physical, and Safety Properties

* Topic Introduction and Objectives
* Thermodynamic Properties of Refrigerants
* Physical Properties – Stability of Refrigerants
* Stability of Refrigerants – Compatibility Testing
* Stability of Refrigerants – Abnormal Conditions
* Physical Properties – Miscibility of Refrigerants
* Physical Properties – Molecular Weight of Refrigerants
* Molecular Weight and Diameter of Refrigerant Molecule
* Physical Properties – Critical Temperature of Refrigerants
* Safety Properties - ASHRAE Standard 34
* Exposure Limits of Refrigerants
* Overexposure to Refrigerants
* Decomposition
* Check-Point Question: Thermodynamic, Physical, and Safety Properties
* Topic Summary


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