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Become an RSES Certified Trainer


To become an RSES Certified Trainer, an individual must meet the below qualifications:

All RCTs must operate under the specifications of the RSES Code of Ethics.
All RCTs must be an RSES CM (Certificate Member), RSES SM (Specialist Member) or RSES CMS (Certificate Member Specialist).
RCTs must be capable of:
       - Planning lessons, including outlines and learning objectives; 
       - Establishing and maintaining a good learning environment;
       - Delivering a training message and instruction effectively; 
       - Establishing a measurement system for student learning.

RSES expects each RCT to refrain from teaching topics for which he/she is not fully qualified by training, education and experience.
RSES expects each RCT using self-created training materials (approved by the RSES Education Committee) to provide a minimum 20 question exam/test/quiz (based on the learning objectives for that course) for a one-day session for each student in order to assess student comprehension. Seventy percent (70%) correct will be considered a passing score.

Visit RSES Certified Trainer Requirements and Guidelines for additional information.

To become and RSES Certified Trainer, submit the RSES Certified Trainer Application and payment to RSES, 1911 Rohlwing Road, Suite A, Rolling Meadows, IL  60008-1397.

If you have questions, please call RSES at 800/297-5660 or 847/297-6464, or e-mail
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