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Below is a listing of available RSES Certified Trainers and the topics each are qualified to teach.  

Ratib Baker, CMS, RCT

For topic information, please contact



Brynn C. Cooksey, CMS, RCT

Topics: Air conditioning and refrigeration troubleshooting; electricity for the HVACR technician; carbon monoxide testing; combustion analysis and fuel efficiency; section 608 EPA training; combustion control and burner servicing; and NATE exam preparation.

Andy Erbach, CMS, RCT

Topics: Energy fundamentals; solar heating and savings; and basic energy auditing and site surveys.




Roger Hensley, CMS, RCT

Topics: Duct system considerations.



Lawrence Jones, CM, RCT

Topics: NATE exam preparation; basic electricity; system controls; refrigeration troubleshooting fundamentals; chillers (centrifugal and recip); building automation controls; steam boilers; precision shaft to shaft alignment and facility site specific training.

Harlan "Skip" Krepcik, CMS, RCT

Topics: Psychrometrics.


Joe Marchese, CMS, RCT

Topics: Troubleshooting refrigeration systems; troubleshooting air conditioning systems; troubleshooting heating systems; troubleshooting electrical systems; computer room air conditioning; HVACR controls and control systems; heat gain calculations and equipment sizing for refrigeration systems; refrigeration for the HVAC technician; using the PH diagrams as a service tool; installing air conditioning systems; installing heating systems; installing refrigeration systems; maintaining HVAC systems; maintaining refrigeration systems; refrigeration defrost systems; measuring air flow in HVAC systems; head pressure management for refrigeration systems; the basic cycle refrigeration cycle; and customer service.

Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT

Topics:  Airflow and air distribution; schematic analysis (basic to advanced); troubleshooting gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, commercial refrigeration systems, supermarket refrigeration systems, oil furnaces; ACCA Manual MJ8; ACCA Manual D; NATE training; Pressure-Enthalpy Diagram (Ph); and practical psychrometrics.


Frank Morro, CM, RCT

Topics: OSHA Safety; CFC certification; basic refrigeration; basic heating and controls; basic cooling and controls; basic electricity; high pressure steam; advanced refrigeration; indoor air quality; and building automation systems and working in a critical systems environment.


Scott Redmond, RCT

Topics: Compressor burnouts; Danfoss TU stainless steel TX valves; TR6 universal TXV valves; KPU pressure and temperature controls; scroll compressors and basic refrigeration cycle.


Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT

For topic information, please contact



Ken Robinson, CMS, RCT

Topics: California Title 24; economizers; starting your own contracting business; duct systems; and airside diagnostics/determining equipment/system delivered btu's for residential and commercial systems.

Thomas J. Schaefer, CMS, RCT

Topics:  Natural gas piping; residential and commercial applications (2 Hours); meter usage for the electrically challenged (2-3 Hours); proper furnace and air conditioner installation (4 Hours); and schematic reading and electrical meter usage for beginners (7 Hours).


Steve M. Wellander, CM, RCT

  Air conditioning; medium-temperature refrigeration; low-temperature refrigeration; electrical; heat pumps; refrigeration piping design; computer-room troubleshooting; humidity control (humidifier operations/service); and associated refrigeration controls including low-ambient controls, TXV's, pressure controls, hot gas bypass and hot gas reheat.

Richard Wirtz, CMS, RCT

Topics: Controls; electrical theory; air conditioning; combustion principles and venting; refrigeration; soldering and brazing; heat pumps; air flow; fuel oil furnaces; psychrometrics; load calculation, Manual J 7th edition only; duct design; light commercial equipment; heating systems; carbon monoxide; humidification; principles of refrigeration; customer relations; NATE prep; and CM prep.

In loving memory of Steve Wright, Sr., CMS, RCT, one of the first RCTs at RSES.





For more information on how to bring an RSES Certified Trainer to your location, please call RSES at 800/297-5660 or 847/297-6464, or e-mail


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