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As the phaseout of R-22 for use in the manufacturing of new equipment is nearing, RSES wants the HVACR industry to be fully educated on the alternative and replacement refrigerants that are already entering the market place. Unlike R-22, there is virtually no single refrigerant that works effectively in both refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

This page contains a number of RSES Service Application Manual (SAM) Chapters that have been published over the last few years as well as RSES Journal articles on the subject of the R-22 phase-out and information and training in the area of the most common of the HFC replacement refrigerants for air conditioning applications, R-410A.

As you read through the attached documents, keep in mind that HVACR is an ever evolving industry and as technology is advancing the service and installation procedures and requirements are also changing at a rapid pace. It is your responsibility as an HVACR professional to keep current, and RSES can help!

Service Application Manual (SAM) technical bulletins

620-108 (2001) - Refrigerant R-410A
620-113 (2005) - Understanding Refrigerant Tables
620-117 (2007) - What Technicians Need to Know About Phasing Out HCFC Refrigerants

RSES Journal Feature Articles

March 2008 - Refrigerant Changes Make R-410A Systems More Appealing Than Ever
December 2008 - The R-22 Phaseout: Do You Have a Plan?
March 2009 - The Rush to Recover R-22
March 2009 - Making the Move: R-22 to R-410A
April 2009 - Addressing the Refrigerant Reclamation Challenge
October 2009 - Brazing to Make an R-410A System Leak-free
November 2009 - Exploring the Differences Between R-410A and R-22
February 2010 - Phasing in the HCFC Phaseout

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