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About RSES Training

RSES publishes various comprehensive industry training and reference materials in addition to delivering superior educational programs designed to benefit HVACR professionals at every stage of their careers - from those new to the HVACR world, to industry veterans wanting to improve their skills and knowledge. RSES training covers all aspects of the HVACR industry, beginning with simple theory and extending to complex troubleshooting.

Training can be conducted conveniently online through RSES eLearning, or through local Chapters, company training facilities, schools, and self study.

Overview of Technical Institute Courses

The RSES Technical Institute is a comprehensive course of study designed to help members who desire to attain the highest levels of technical competency within the HVACR industry. The RSES Technical Institute training series is the extensive training preparation for the RSES Certificate Member (CM) examination.
The three manuals cover R/AC, electricity, heating and controls. Successful completion of any one Final Exam advances the member one level.  Please note that the levels do not need to be advanced in sequential order. 
It is recommended that members who wish to advance through the Technical Institute enroll for all three of the Technical Institute Training Courses. However, members may "test out" at various levels.  For example, an Active Member at Level I may take the final exam of any one of the three Training Manuals.  Upon receiving a passing grade on the exam, the member would advance to Level II (Advance Tech).  Members who pass the CM exam automatically advance to Level IV and successful CMS exam candidates advance to Level V.

Levels within the RSES Technical Institute

The RSES Technical Institute consists of six levels of technician competency and RSES membership is required for recognition at Levels I through V.
(Student Technician)
Defined as any student currently pursuing the HVACR trade.
Level I
Defined as any active RSES member.
Level II
(Advanced Tech)
Defined as an active RSES member who has passed the Final Exam of any one of three Technical Institute Training Manuals.
Level III
(Advanced Tech Level II)
Defined as an active RSES member who has passed the Final Exam of any two of three Technical Institute Training Manuals.
Level IV
(Advanced Tech CM)
Defined as an active RSES member who has passed the CM Exam.
Level V
(Mastertech Specialist)
Defined as an active RSES member who has passed one of the CMS Exams.

Training Products Available

Publications/Electronic Books
There are three training manuals designed to assist RSES members advancement through the levels of the Technical Institute. Click on the titles below to view course details including table of contents, learning objectives and cost.  Most manuals are available in both hard copy and electronic format. 
RSES Technical Institute Training Manual 1
RSES Technical Institute Training Manual 2
RSES Technical Institute Training Manual 3

Interactive CD-ROMs
To enhance the learning experience of the participant, interactive coordinating CD-ROMs have been developed for this series. CDs feature audio lectures, colorful graphics, animation, and interactive quizzes! Click here for more information.

Instructor Supplementary Material
Instructor editions for the printed publications are available. Instructor editions include the student manual as well as an instructor supplement which includes answers to the Lesson Review Questions (LRQs)  and the location of the answers in the text as well as Review Tests. Click here for further details.


 Many of the RSES courses are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized, providing technicians with the opportunity to earn continuing education hours in addition to continuing education units. Please review the manual descriptions for further details on CEUs and CEHs.

Where can I get training and/or take the course?

Training courses are conducted through the local RSES Chapters. View the RSES Events Calendar to find scheduled courses in your area or contact your local Chapter to obtain course information in your area.

Many of the RSES courses are also available by self study.  

Need more information?

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